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    In the golden age of Italian music, during the Baroque era, Venice shone brightly and the artistic abundance that reigned there at the time is still celebrated today. Marianne Piketty and Le Concert Idéal go off the beaten track by proposing rarer, even unpublished works by the author of the Four Seasons.

    Marianne Piketty and Le Concert Idéal, with the help of numerous unpublished practical documents, embark on the adventure of a journey to the heart of this Venetian School, where so many musical currents, sometimes antagonistic and anachronistic, have rubbed shoulders and let everything and its opposite germinate, without tension. From the virtuoso fevers of Vivaldi to the solemnity of Ziani, from the affects of Strozzi to the dances of Turini, saluting the majestic impetus of Gallo, Le Concert Idéal lifts the veil on a domain where reason often gives way to the senses and the force of the imagination.

    With deep researches by Olivier Fourés, musicologist and Vivaldi specialist, who wrote for the disc many diminutions, cadences and rebuilt the concerto for violin and cello from the only left viola part, Le Concert Idéal celebrates the Venetian school with rare, sometimes unpublished works, for a vibrant tribute to the sound mosaic of the Italian city.