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    Back on Avignon Festival Off 2021 and release of our new album!

    “Vivaldi: the golden age” is our new show, created in Avignon this summer for the Festival Off with its delightful set and light designs as always. The upcoming album was recorded in February at l’Abbaye de Noirlac and was released on September by Evidence Classics. It gathers a lot of Vivaldi’s unpublished work and of course, more surprises as well.

    ®Bruno Moatti

    Discover “Vivaldi, the golden age”, our new disc based on the programme of this creation!

    “Vivaldi, the golden age”, our last album released last September, is available on every listening platforms: https://fanlink.to/lagedor

    Press is unanimous!

    📰“A refreshing break in Avignon.” France Musique

    📰“Music […] is explored at each notes with high delicacy. The musicians […] play beyond virtuosity and make themselves marvel setters.La Provence

    📰“Music is sufficient for the passion of feelings, as it is self-sufficient in Vivaldi’s virtuoso frenzies.” La Terrasse

    📰“Le Concert Idéal reflects in its interpretations the bustling and pulsating life of the trading city of Venice in the 18th century.” Pizzicato

    📰“Solists at are their virtuoso level […] to offer sprays of exhilarating ornamentations. A not-to-miss disc.” Diapason

    📰“Musical chemistry lets us speechless.” Hebdoscope

    📰“Interpretation is, as often by Marianne Piketty & Le Concert Idéal, full of colours, liveliness, generosity and sense.” Frogy’s Delight