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    Like long echoes that from afar merge…
    Perfumes, colors and sounds respond to each other.
    Charles Baudelaire

    To put into perspective in order to better perceive, better understand: this is the artistic ambition of Marianne Piketty and Le Concert Idéal. 

    During her rich international career, the violinist Marianne Piketty has tackled contemporary musical creation, the interpretation of repertoires from the 18th century to the present day, the exhumation of forgotten heritages, the promotion of women composers, ancient, folk or ethnic interpretation techniques.
    His musicological and spiritual awareness led him to found Le Concert Idéal with the aim of creating an artistic synergy that confronts compositions, creative and stylistic concepts.
    His ambition: to offer to musicians from various horizons a space of freedom so that innovative and original creations, brought to light and in movement, may emerge from it.

    Drawing from the ancient musical heritage to nourish current themes of reflection, and putting in counterpoint contemporary creations to let the music of composers distant in time and space, but who have gone through similar emotions: joy, loss, absence or hope…

    A contrast is born, like day and twilight, yesterday and today, sweet and bitter: music expresses itself, responds to each other, clashes or unites.

    This emotional dream is The Ideal Concert: a unique place for encounters, performers and creators whose common mission is to make people discover and resonate differently, to unbalance in order to arouse emotion, reflection, questioning, wonder sometimes … often!

    “The Ideal Concert offers a space of freedom, exchange and emulation: it opens the way to great inventiveness in interpretation, brings out original creations, and brings out the happiness inherent in any common project. »


    On tour throughout France, this young ensemble has already celebrated its 100th date with its two shows in light and movement:

    -Vivaldi Piazzolla, Seasons: from one shore to the other,

    -Fil d’Ariane, which mixes Locatelli’s music with a commission from the young Argentinian composer Alex Nante.

    L’Heure Bleue is born in 2019, and resonates with visionary composers. It pays homage to Hildegarde de Bingen, a 12th century mystic whose celestial and luminous music responds to Hartmann’s Funeral Concerto, written in 1939, a true cry against blindness and a call to resistance.

    Dmitri Shostakovitch and “Une vision d’Hildegarde,” commissioned from Philippe Hersant, also gravitated around them.

    These pieces evolve between light and darkness, between sound and silence, between dream and nightmare, a constant dialogue between heaven and hell, on the edge of time, they open the breach of this world and bring forth the Blue Hour.

    The Ideal Concert is unanimously greeted by the press and the public:

    “Bewitching, breathtaking, out of the ordinary, a visceral emotion … Superbly performed”, Le Monde

    The first recording of the Ideal Concert, released in April 2016 by Harmonia Mundi, Little Village, received the Coup de Cœur de l’Académie Charles Cros.

    In 2019, Le Concert Idéal released its second album, Le fil d’Ariane, on Evidence Classics. Enivrant, confusing” … “a memorable record” … “a memorable record”…

    2020 : release of his third album L’Heure Bleue