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  • Vivaldi – Piazzolla

    The singularity of “Vivaldi-Piazzolla, Seasons: from one shore to the other” is to bring together in a single musical moment two great masters, two styles, two eras, two continents, two inspirations: one pastoral, the other urban.

    The dialogue is astonishing, the encounter is luminous, the two writings embrace, intertwine, merge, and end up forming a single body. A body that only asks for one thing, to vibrate, to move and embrace the space. The body of a musician, when it is not in a pit, when it is not directed by a conductor, shows itself to be remarkably lively; it is on the lookout, it is animal. One discovers the sharpness of the glances, the precision of the gesture, of each sign. Bodies, faces, instruments, bows, draw the premises of a ballet.

    The CD-Book is awarded with 2016 Charles Cros Academy Prize “Coup de Cœur“.

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    “It is important to me to make this concert not only a concert to listen to but also a concert to see, so that the spectator can receive both the beauty of the score and the physicality of each musician. The choreographic writing will be a stage writing. It will be a question of building a space where musical rhythms and visual rhythms will be harmonized. This architecture of the space will be based on an extremely precise light scenography that should magnify the only two heroes of this adventure: the music and the musicians.” (Jean-Marc Hoolbecq, stage conceptor and choreographer).


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    “A musical outpouring, where the dizzy souls of Vivaldi and Piazzolla crackle as if by the fireside… superbly interpreted… We discovered with amazement the potential of these musicians.” Le Monde (2018)

    “We warned you: Marianne Piketty is anything but the prototype of the traditional concert performer. She never ceases to invent new forms, flirts with theater, dance and even creates her own orchestra: Le Concert Idéal.” La Terrasse (2018)

    “Musicians don’t just be performers, they live their show with bodies and soul. They embody the melodies, find each other, lose their life, find each other.” DNA (2017)

    “A pure moment of moving and rhythmic music. Avignon people and festival-goers stop your race to attend this sublime music, so well played and yet unique and vibrating. These musicians combine choreography and music brilliantly for our greatest pleasure.” Avignon à l’unisson (2018)